In this section you can see all news related to our hotel and get information about offers, promotions, upcoming events or activities. In Bonestar we like to do new things, meet and enjoy this very special environment. Therefore, we organize regular activities such as concerts, gatherings, dog shows, etc, can not miss!

Third "Romería" to Bonestar01/05/2013
On August 6th we celebrate the 3rd Pilgrimage Bonestar, come and enjoy a special day in nature. You can come with your horse, your outfit Seville or simply walking shoes, anything goes to visit the valley of Llacuna, an ideal place to share with your friends an unforgettable party.
Mexican party in Bonestar!01/10/2012
Next 7 and 8 of October we will celebrate a Mexican party at our facility. With a typical Mexican atmosphere, selected music for the occasion, an assortment of appetizers and good company as always. Come and join us for this event, you put the desire and we put the tekila! We will invite this drink to all attendees, you can not miss!
Come to the Brewfest!01/09/2012
On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September we invite you to celebrate "Septemberfest" with us. Enjoy in Bonestar the best atmosphere, variety of music, a big barbecue and, of course, lots of beer in a unique natural environment! If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us by phone (96 280 58 44) or by e-mail by clicking on
New School Canine, come on Sundays!24/05/2012
From April, every Sunday morning we have classes of dog trainig in the hotel facilities. You can go to the new school with your pet dog and participate in the activities individually or in groups of 5. For more information feel free to contact us, sure your dog thanks you!
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