In this section you can see all news related to our hotel and get information about offers, promotions, upcoming events or activities. In Bonestar we like to do new things, meet and enjoy this very special environment. Therefore, we organize regular activities such as concerts, gatherings, dog shows, etc, can not miss!

April 17, exhibition of horses24/05/2013
On April 17, reservations from 11:00 a.m., come and enjoy a display of horses to be held in our facilities. If you like horses you can not miss this show, because I'm sure you spend a super nice morning. We also have a special menu for 19 € for the customer who wants it, you can book by phone 96 280 58 44 or click on Show free.
German Shepherd II Concentration24/05/2013
The next day, November 6 at 11am there will be the II Concentration of German Shepherd in our hotel. All persons who attend with their pets will have the option to resolve any doubts they have about the behavior of their dog with a dog trainer. Remember that admission is free, come and enjoy a very nice morning!
Concentration of dogs of all breeds24/05/2013
The next day June 17 in the morning, will take place at the facilities of our hotel a concentration of dogs of all breeds. We will have the collaboration of TARRECAN Club, which will surprise us with an exhibition of dog training.
This event is free, come with your pets!
For more information please call Tel: 96 280 58 44 or send an email to

Pilgrimage in Bonestar24/05/2013
If you went to Rocio in Seville come and enjoy the pilgrimage in the Llacuna. The next Saturday, July 28 Bonestar Hotel gives you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day surrounded by horses and lots of fun.
Do not miss it!
Night trip!24/05/2013
On Saturday 4 we have organized a night out that will start in Bonestar at 20:30. The route chosen is the Vuelta del Almirante, 12km away, and the tour is conducted on foot.
At the end we' ll have a sobaquillo dinner for those who want to stay. The price is only 5 €.
For reservations you can call us at 96 280 58 44 or send an email to
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