At our kennel facilities at Bonestar, you will find our great passion, dedication to the raising of the German Shepherd.
These are noble and intelligent dogs, since 2007, we have been developing this breed and offer people puppies with a pedigree from the cross of specimens with great strength and beauty.
History Lucas Fuster Muñoz has been an enthusiast of the German Shepherd all his life; he believes that this is a very intelligent and noble breed, a very affectionate breed and one that is able to capture all emotions. That is why, in 2007, when he had the opportunity and the time to dedicate to them, he decided to build his own kennel. Two years later, on 27th May 2009, the F.C.I granted him with the affix "Bonestar", number 16266. This has given him the ability to raise exceptional dogs, always looking for the best lines of beauty, so that other families can enjoy the great moments and the happiness that these magnificent animals can bring to their homes.
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